What should a pregnant women eat to healthy children, smart?

Pregnant women should eat what to give birth to healthy children, intelligent is a question many fathers, mothers care, especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

The role of food for pregnant women and fetuses

We all know that the fetus develops in the mother’s body, taking nourishment directly from the mother’s body to grow and develop during the nine months. During this time, the food you eat is not only for mother but also for your baby. Hence, how the body develops, how it is nourished depends entirely on the mother’s nutritional status.

What should a pregnant women eat to healthy children, smart

So, if you want to have healthy, intelligent children, choosing, building a healthy diet is essential for any pregnant woman. The menu not only ensures the necessary nutrients for both mother and baby but also needs to be appropriately and scientifically distributed.

What should you eat to keep your child healthy, intelligent?

Fresh fish: Fish is a special type of white meat that is rich in Omega 3 – a nutrient needed for brain development. When pregnant, mother should eat at least two fish a week to provide optimal Omega volume. What kind of fish to eat should include salmon, tuna, mackerel …

Eggs: It is not unreasonable that in the old days, when pregnant pregnant women are given a lot of eggs, especially chicken eggs. In eggs, especially eggs rich in amino acids Choline – nutrients play an important role in stimulating brain development as well as enhancing memory in children.

What should a pregnant women eat to healthy children, smart 2

In addition, iron and protein levels in the egg are important for the development of the fetus. Therefore, the mother should set up a diet with at least 2 eggs a week.

Yogurt: Milk in general and yoghurt in particular provide the mother and baby with a certain amount of protein and calcium needed to make healthy nerve cells and muscles. Therefore, you should supplement your body with at least 2 servings of yogurt a week during pregnancy to help keep your baby healthy.

Fresh fruits: Fresh fruits will provide a good amount of water, natural sugars for both mother and baby. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in the fruit are the essential nutrients to help the cells in the baby’s body develop equally, comprehensively.

What should a pregnant women eat to healthy children, smart 3

Foods rich in vitamin D: According to scientific studies, mothers who do not get enough vitamin D supplements during pregnancy will produce stunted children, underdeveloped brains . Therefore, during pregnancy, foods rich in vitamin D, such as cheese, beef, liver and especially early morning sunlight, need special attention in their daily diet. elected.

Foods you should avoid

In addition to the food group mentioned above, during the 9 months of pregnancy, the mother must not forget to fully supplement other substances through dietary science menu, living conditions, training appropriate and healthy.

Especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy, besides the foods that should be added, the foods that you should abstain to keep the fetus healthy are recommended include: raw food, fast food, alcoholic drinks … Yes, the question of “what should I eat” will become extremely simple, easy even if it is the first time pregnant mother.

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