Tips or kitchen for housewives

For sisters housewife as frequently into the kitchen to make many of them feel anxious while the cook does not know how to fry fish without adhesives or by reducing garlic odor on the most effective hand, the boiled egg is not cracked …… with a few tips that we shared with you immediately below, will help you gain the knowledge to use the most effective way. Invite you to refer to the article at them!

Tip fried fish without adhesive

When fried fish, if you do not use non-stick pan, the fish will stick to the pan, even watching the fish will not be pretty, case your family seating is looking discs fried fish must be very unsightly . So for a normal pan, you need a way to fish will not stick to the pan? You can do the following: Take 2 tablespoons fine salt into the pan roasted evenly, until the salt has turned yellow light, you pour out salt and began to oil to fry fish, make sure to tip this your fried fish will not be cohesive, just very crunchy, tasty and attractive.


Tips on hand deodorized garlic

While processing to cook, you can not avoid direct contact with garlic and this scent will make many people feel uncomfortable, stay on hand for quite some time, despite taking to the water hand wash, soap that are not effective. To solve this problem, then you try doing our light, very effective there: Get your spoons inox rubbing up hands under running cold water for about 5 minutes, you’ll see onions, I was totally going to fly off, you can use fresh lemon to clean and pleasant fragrance for hands.

Tips boiled egg is not cracked

This is one of the great tips that have been so many people have found effective application. Many women have questions and want to find out measures for the eggs, eggs cooked intact with no signs of cracking. You should give the eggs in cold water and add some salt, you remember not to put eggs in the boiling water nhé!


Tips tunnel down as fast as 

You do not have a pressure cooker that want rapid bone tunnel and still there as, saving time and effort. Simple way is as follows: Add a spoon stew pot MSG bone, bone boiling pot boiling till you drop at 3-4 sealed the stone, then cover and continue basement, make sure that your dish will bone tunnel very fast as a jog!

Tips marinated spices infuse the food fast 

in processing a tasty dish, the step Marinate foods with spices is very important, but sometimes you have no more time to wait for food absorbed with spices, you can learn this little trick of us! You let marinate with spices along with 1 tablespoon oil and stir, cooking oil will help to spice fast food melting and spices will infuse them with lightning, do not have to wait long.

Tips on Handling dish is salty 

When unfortunately, you tasted see dish is salty, do not worry that follow the following methods:

  • Add water: For soup or soup, you just need to add a little water, it will neutralize the dish, very effective in dealing with salty food.
  • Place in dish a few slices of potato: With soup or stir-fry, you only need to give one to the potato slices drop into the dish, the potatoes will help you absorb the salty taste of the dish quickly and efficiently.
  • For a little lemon juice: Lemon juice helps eliminate saltiness of the dish was very good but also add flavor to the dish.

With these tips we’ve shared with you above, hoping to bring useful information to help women homemakers have the experience to processed food while delicious, nutritious, save time and effort spent.

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