How to make delicious cake in rainy days

In the day of the drag of the footer from the home is not like the favorites, so use the contents of the food to make a gift of the perfect gear in the day. Please provide the manual of ‘dark this dress’, you make the job of the simple pizza.

Apple pie ingredients for 4 people:

  •  50g cold butter
  •  100g whole wheat flour
  •  15 g of sugar
  •  Water cold
  •  1 apple (about 250g)
  •  10g white
  •  10g brown sugar
  •  a fireball lemon core
  •  1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  •  A little salt
  •  Dreams

How to cake apple for 4 people:

The raw data is apple pie:

  • Powder ray filter, get item journal.
  • Turgatake, peeled, left core, sliced.
  • Steps to apple pie: Apples for merge with lime, cinnamon, white sugar, brown sugar, a little salt, to soak for 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, add 15 grams of butter, flour and a little salt to the blender for a few minutes until it becomes a mixture of butter and flour. Add 2 tablespoons of ice water to the mix and mix. blending up, squeeze to round blocks.

  •  to the bread to the hard to again to the donut.
  •  Split this mix to 2 phần more than one.
  •  nút rolling element, đặt more in vào nút tạo, đặt nó phần này, để làm flat.
  •  The rpg out, set below to a fraction of the octal to enjoy the fluid.
  • For the water flow from the apple and 10g butter to the fire for butter tan, stiring for the mixed match with and compare.
  • Blended Blending on and for prep cho phần gói.
  • Đặt các piece của phần trái, mook dùng để sử dụng mắt để tương ứng với và đóng phần phần con với against mold.
  • Cook at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes, grilled when light yellow cake, rice.
  • After baking bread, remove the cake from the oven, sweep the cake when the cake is hot.
  • Take out of the gear and reward.
  • Note when making apple pie:
  • If you make the button with the needle not matched with your glass, you should take the paper below it to get it to take away.
  • When you have the slice to use the slice on the cake,
  • For the product of the apple better, when you want to you want to choose the type of the rock, the type of this kind of the sure, sweet and very fragrant.

When enjoying the pieces of the delicious, delicious apple, you will be able to enjoy yourself when creating delicious, sweet and sour pancakes. for you a delicious, eye-catching pizza.

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