How to make candied raisins simply delicious

If you’ve been too familiar with homemade candied raisins by taste as well as how to do simple. Try learning how to make jam with plastic grape details below to the family you have more delicious and more.

Raw material preparation

  • 500 g raisins
  • 140gr road
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice

jam raisins

How to make candied raisins

  • The grapes bring the rinse, using knife to stab holes in the first part of a grape then squeeze lightly to granular separated.
  • Mixed grapes, sugar, lemon essence into the pot under nướt island and then set up stove low heat for 5 minutes.
  • When boiling water, then heat the fire is under way until the match off the kitchen.
  • For the grapes out and bring chairs or adapter you can drying in the oven under 100 degrees until not sticky hand drained raisins.

How to make grape jam plastics for novelty features the same detailed instructions on here will suggest for you to add a new jam dish good occasion successful.

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