How to cook delicious porridge for your baby

If you are planning to cook porridge nutrition for the whole family or your baby, please refer to how to cook delicious porridge later to get the bowl of nutritional porridge delicious, help children eat fast food.


Prepare materials

When preparing porridge ingredients, you have to ensure the cooking porridge has four groups of nutrients:

Starch: contained in sticky rice, glutinous rice, wheat, …

Fat: contained in salmon oil, gac oil, turmeric, ..

Protein: found in beef, pork, shrimp, crab, fish …


Vitamins and minerals: in vegetables, sour vegetables, spinach, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, …

In addition, spices such as soup, noodles are also essential and indispensable when cooking porridge nutrition.

How to prepare raw materials for cooking porridge nutrition

Here is how to pre-prepare the ingredients to cook porridge nutrition, help your porridge become perfect.

– For meat such as beef or pork, wash with ginger to remove pungent before stew.


– For foods with fishy odors such as fish, shrimp, crabs …, clean the veins or blood before processing. At the same time must be processed immediately after cleaning to keep the freshness of the dish. Can be on the hot stove before the porridge to create deliciousness for the dish.

– For vegetables, dip porridge too much before milling to the vegetables soaked porridge.

– One third of glutinous rice can be added to rice porridge to make the porridge more delicious.

Add a little porridge to the other foods as you grind them to avoid over-boiling or too dry.


How to cook porridge nutrition

When the ingredients are ready, you can start cooking porridge right away. First, prepare a white porridge pot. When the porridge is just cooked, prepare the prepared ingredients. Follow the prepared ingredients in the pot and boil again to let the food completely blend together. Finally, stir the porridge and then add a little spice to the soup.

Very quickly, so the nutrition porridge has finished. Your baby will love this delicious, attractive and beautiful food.

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