Electronic Sensor Faucets

T&S Brass ChekPoint[TM] Electronic Sensor Faucets are your first stop for better hygiene and water conservation. These chrome-plated, solid brass sensor faucets, which come pre-assembled with appropriate mounting hardware and require no sealants, offer the following standard features:

* Water-resistant circuit control module

* Electric plug-in (AC) and battery (DC) power options

* ADA-compliant

* Adjustable temperature control mixing valve, automatic time-out feature and water shut-off delay

* Troubleshooting LED and low-battery indicator lights

* Scratch-resistant sensor lens

* Filtered solenoid valve with serviceable strainer filter

* Modular quick-release sensor connections

* Vandal-resistant aerators (2.2 GPM)

* Check valves for cross-flow prevention


T&S BRASS Vertical bar, Pipe www.tsbrass.com

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