Delta tries to siphon bottled water fans

Delta Faucet is taking on the bottled water industry with a print campaign for its latest product, Simply PUR, a water filtering system developed with Procter & Gamble.

Simply PUR’s target is the “better water” seeker who prefers bottled water over unfiltered tap water.

Ann Beriault, svp at Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, said such consumers represent 70% of households and one in four owners of water filtration systems expressed an interest in upgrading or adding to their systems.

“The campaign starts with the familiar, something that looks like a bottle of water, to get into the consumers’ heads to get them to think about solving a problem bottled water companies think they have already solved,” Beriault said.

The effort consists of three ads, each showcasing a different Simply PUR faucet style. Each ad features a water glass with a different faux label such as “Winter Frost” or “Crystal Clear” drinking water.

The fake bottled water-type labels convey the idea that Delta is taking on the entire bottled water industry, not just one bottled water. Tagline: “Who says bottled water has to come from a bottle?”

Young & Laramore developed the Delta campaign, which also includes direct mail, in store efforts and online ads. Print placement includes Cooking Light, Real Simple, Sunset, Women’s Day, Kitchen & Bath and others.

Budget for the campaign was not revealed. Delta spent $12 million on advertising last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The effort comes amid a flood of ads in the faucet category from Delta and rival Moen as the home improvement category continues to boom. O’Laughlin, Sandra

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