8 ingredients at home help hair grow to surprise

Not everyone who is born has the good fortune to have long, strong hair, plus the dusty environment, stressful jobs … make many people’s hair become dry and cause hair loss. Understanding that, Maxxhair would like to introduce to you 8 easy ingredients to help thick hair grows through the article below.


Long, strong hair with natural ingredients

1, Coconut oil
Coconut oil is the best natural hair care ingredient. With natural anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial ingredients, coconut oil, when used to make hair, will help soften the hair, restore the damaged, clean the dandruff and quickly grow longer, thicker. In addition, coconut oil quality can also be used to eat, drink directly. You can process coconut oil with dishes or dilute the oil in warm water to drink each morning, which will effectively nourish hair from within.

2, grapefruit shell
Grapefruit peels for shampooing or distilling into grapefruit essential oils are effective for hair growth. For grapefruit oil, to use the maximum you should put the oil into a spray bottle, after shampooing and drying hair, spray the oil into the hair root and massage gently, can spray Once in the morning when you wake up, the hair thinning area will be significantly improved.

grapefruit peel

Grapefruit shampoo used to make shampoos, make sprays help hair grow faster.

3, Aloe
Aloe Vera (also known as aloe vera) is a medicine for skin and hair due to its high vitamin E content. For women with hair loss due to hormonal changes, this is a testosterone rescue. Appropriate for aloe vera supplementation of vitamin E deficiency due to hormonal hormone depletion. It is very easy to use: Apply freshly applied aloe vera gel on the scalp for 30 minutes to 2 hours or mix it with the conditioner to rinse your hair after each wash.


Aloe Vera is also a great source of vitamin E for hair and skin.

4, Honey
Honey pure is a moisturizer and natural antibacterial, so in addition to enhancing the body’s resistance, beauty effect on the skin, honey when used to care for hair is also a source of nutrients. It is particularly good for the scalp to help hair grow stronger and stronger. Use honey brew twice a week and shampoo with shampoo and clean water with a few drops of lemon. Patience after about 2 months, you will surely be surprised by the effect that this method brings.

5, green tea leaves
With high antioxidant and antibacterial properties thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals, green tea is a good ingredient to improve the appearance of the skin and hair. Using green tea leaves for shampoo will give you a clean, damp hair that grows thicker than normal shampoo.

6, castor oil
Not popular with coconut oil or olive oil, but castor oil is also one of the healthiest oils for human health, often used in combination with food. In castor oil containing ricinoleate, oleate and linoleate fatty acids are essential nutrients for the human body. In addition, castor oil also contains vitamin E, omega 3 & 9 along with natural antimicrobial properties suitable for beautifying the skin and hair. You can use castor oil as an antiseptic cream to restore damaged hair, thicken the hair, moisturize the hair follicles and help the hair grow back quickly and grow much. With its benign characteristics, the scent is very light (hardly smelling), castor oil is suitable for all subjects, including men.


Castor oil is easy to use for all subjects to grow faster.

7, apple
As a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin B2, apples provide superior antioxidant capacity for the body and help hair grow up to 70%. So, just use a mixture of apple puree to brew hair or apple cider vinegar, apple juice to infiltrate the scalp with cotton wool will make hair grow faster, grow in the hair thin or bald.

8, citronella
Using lemongrass combined with shampoo boiled water or shampoo with citronella oil combined with hair oil to bring effective nourishing hair follicles and antibacterial anti-dandruff, resulting in hair loss less hair. grow up. Besides fragrant lemongrass will surely make you feel comfortable, relaxed every time this method is applied.

Lemongrass helps keep hair healthy and has a pleasant scent

Natural hair remedies available in your home kitchen are generally cheap, easy to find, and benign. But to see the results clearly, you need to persist in implementing these measures in a certain time.

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